Russian Caviar House LLP.

Russian Caviar House LLP.

Established on Indian market in 2016, Russian Caviar House LLP (RCH) is a tradition of taste & technique that is passed on from the world’s renowned OJSC “Russian Caviar” (Astrakhan, Russia), is a family legacy that has lead to the creation of market place for caviar in India. Building on what the best caviar should be, RCH sources it from the most renowned farms in the world and brings it to your dinner table. RCH also holds its own

gourmet food brand

‘The Fine Food Cellar’ where the most delicious ingredients and products are sourced globally to make them accessible in India.

RCH ExpertiseWe offer an end to end process of first class caviar delivered to your doorsteps with an option of creating an experience for you and your loved ones. All our processes from raising the sturgeon at various partnering farms, to caviar harvesting, to packing & specialised temperature controlled shipping, it have been certified by our Russian Caviar Experts who have an experience of producing world class caviar since the Soviet Era.

Know Your CaviarCaviar is considered the food for Czars. Till today caviar have not lost its status of most prestigious culinary delicacy one can indulge in. Owing its scarcity and high value to the endangered status of the fish it comes from, caviar is a true delight even to world’s most renowned chefs and food connoisseurs. It takes minimum 10 years of specially devised care for the fish to mature and produce caviar, thus furthermore limiting its availability on the market. Every tiny egg is like a juicy sphere whose only aim is to explode onto your palate, giving you a tiny burst of ecstasy for just a couple of minutes, to keep you longing for more.

The Process
Traditionally caviar was harvested by killing the fish, thus bringing the wild Sturgeon family to extinction. Nowadays, sturgeon is farmed and the new process of milking the fish is used to extract caviar instead of killing the fish, thereby also supporting the eco-systems and ensuring sustainability. The process involves first viewing a sturgeon’s eggs by ultrasound. If they are deemed ready, a signaling protein is administered to the sturgeon several days before the egg harvest. This induces labor and releases the eggs from a membranous sack in the belly cavity. At that point, the eggs can be pumped from the belly with gentle massaging. From a small incision with a scalpel in the lower abdomen, a mass of unfertilised black eggs — caviar — spills into a waiting bowl. The process can be repeated every 15 months or so throughout a sturgeon’s lifetime, which may last decades. Since caviar eggs are harvested at the ripe stage, the eggs need no chemical treatment, barring a bit of salt to maintain their smooth outer surface. It has a wonderful taste, there are no preservatives in it, and on top of that, you have a clear conscience while eating it.

Food For Thought: Is Caviar Veg or Non-Veg?
Its an age old question whether caviar is Veg or Non-Veg. Many debate that caviar eggs are non-veg but some do believe that since caviar is unfertilised eggs and are harvested without harming the fish, they can be considered veg just like in the case of chicken eggs.

Caviar ExperienceTraditionally Caviar was to be served as an amuse bush, however in Modern cooking sky is the limit – from being a pizza topping to topping most delicious sushi and carpaccio, Caviar has become universal and is used across many cuisines. Just add a spoonful of precious eggs to your favorite preparation (fish and seafood are our preferences) right before serving. Caviar loves cold and crystal. It is generally served in a caviar serving dish made of crystal or glass to embellish your table, on ice. It is carefully spooned out using special spoons made of horn or Mother of pearl. Caviar is best paired with Champagne or Vodka. TFFC (The Fine Food Cellar) offers unique customised Caviar Experiences.

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